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House Concerts - The Home Invasion TourThis film is basically an experiment, about an experiment. I am primarily a musician, songwriter and entertainer. That's my background. Because music and film are so closely related, I have had some experience in film and video production. But this whole project started out with the idea to do the TOUR, as an experiment. In the beginning, there was no thought of filming it. I fell in love with the concept of House Concerts and wanted to "push the envelope," to see if this modern adaptation of an ancient form of live, social entertainment could still be viable in today's world of electronic media and arena concerts. Having done more conventional tours in the past, I thought, "Wouldn't it be great if a musician could do an entire tour, performing exclusively for audiences of invited guests in people's homes. No tour busses, no smoke and mirrors, no huge PA system, just a bunch of people sitting around enjoying live music. Wouldn't it be great if that could actually work on an ongoing, sustained basis?" That was the thought from which this project and this film was born.

We, (Penni and I) began a six month process of booking and coordinating the tour. As we went along, we were surprised at the number of people around the country who had no idea what a "house concert" actually was. It occurred to me that if we made a FILM of this whole experiment, we could entertain a much larger audience AND inform them all at the same time. It occurred to me that in these respects, the film might be successful regardless of whether or not the actual tour was.

We embarked on this project, (the film) with almost no pre-conceived agenda and very few ground rules, other than, "Anything goes." I told the film crew that NOTHING would be off limits. They were invited to shoot Penni and myself, virtually anywhere, anytime, doing virtually anything. My only admonition to the crew was that, "We will NOT be actors. That means we will NOT re-enact anything that happens, nor will we do re-takes of anything. We are who we are and what happens, happens. You get it the first time, or you don't get it." For this reason, we assembled a crew with 3 cameras and the crew was kept apprised of our schedule, so that they could anticipate where we would go next and to some degree, what we'd be doing. That's about it. The tour itself took 8 weeks, we came home at the end of it with over 350 hours of footage and shaving it down to less than 2 hours was a monumental task. All I can say is that I'm very happy with it and proud of what we ended up with in the end. I hope you like it. I do.

John M.

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