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Performing Songwriter Review -- Posted by john on Tuesday, January 23 2007
Performing Songwriter Magazine November 2006

Another insightful documentary that I came across this year is House Concerts: The Home Invasion Tour, from M-Pire Films. The film, some five years in the making, follows intrepid indie musician John M and his partner Penni Merrick on a two-month road tour of house concerts from New England to California. Itís a no-holds-barred, naked look at the house concert phenomenon in all its facets, both positive and not-so-positive. Some of the more humorous (and at the same time, sobering) scenes include real-life experiences to which all touring musicians can relate: trying to be gracious with an obsessed fan who feels compelled to critique a performance immediately after it ends; dealing with sweltering heat and humidity while performing; trying to find a hotel room in the middle of nowhere at 2 AM; counting CD and video sales (or no CD and video sales; depending on the show); not being able to remember what town or day of the week it is; netting only $12 from several gigs after expenses; and playing a gig in a hair salon while trying to compete with an incessantly ringing doorbell, a screaming child and bad acoustics. The film also presents the house concert phenomenon from the audiencesí and presentersí perspectives, with lots of interviews with hosts and fans. Also included are musical performances by several artists and discussions about the stories behind the songs. House Concerts: The Home Invasion Tour provides a thorough, thoughtful treatment of the milieu for anyone considering playing at, hosting or attending house concerts.

Price: $19.99. More at and Fett.

Review from -- Posted by john on Sunday, December 11 2005
Ward Stroud *****
I totally enjoyed this film... Modern day "Bards" living life on their terms! Great stuff! The music and people in this film will leave a smile on your soul. Make me want to take my guitar and hit the road. I especially liked the way the film gets into the "nitty gritty" of life on the road and how much of a struggle it can be too. Hope to see more of these folks in the future...

Reviews coming soon! -- Posted by john on Wednesday, November 16 2005
This film has only been officially "finished" for less than one month, and we have only just begun to submit to publications for review. As reviews come in, they will be posted here. Check back often and see what people are saying about HOUSE CONCERTS, (The Home Invasion Tour.)

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